Neoprene Warmth Vest

By Zone3

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Technical Features

  • Super Snug fit for added warmth when outdoors
  • Can be used under the wetsuit or without a wetsuit when warm enough
  • Titanium coating for body heat retention

This neoprene vest is designed as a thermal baselayer to be worn underneath a wetsuit to give extra warmth during cold water swim training or for any other water sports where an extra layer of warmth is needed.
The 2mm neoprene layer is tight fitting and has a high neck for fuller coverage and a single seam for extra comfort.

There is a titanium coating applied to the internal material to help maintain the
body's warmth.

Made from open cell neoprene on the inside and super-stretch material on the
outside and then glued and blind stitched.

The product is predominantly aimed at the outdoor swimmer however the vest can also be used during pool training to give extra buoyancy where needed. It’s also a lovely to swim in this product when the water is warm enough without a wetsuit; simply tuck the vest into the Zone3 buoyancy shorts or swim jammers and use the drawstring cord to ensure a tight fit.