Men's Aquaflo Plus Sleeveless Trisuit 2018

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By Zone3

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The next evolution of our renowned Aquaflo collection, the second generation Aquaflo Plus range, pushes the boundaries even further. Enhanced fit, innovative panel construction, and ultra-breathable fabrics ensure superior ventilation and comfort. These advancements not only elevate performance in swimming, cycling, and running but also present a contemporary and stylish aesthetic unmatched by other suits on the market.

The Men's Aquaflo Plus Trisuit epitomises speed across all disciplines, delivering optimal comfort and temperature regulation.

Crafted from Aquaflo fabric—a swift and comfortable material treated with a water-repellent Teflon coating to minimize drag—the suit effortlessly sheds water upon contact, reducing friction and enhancing speed in the water. Its low water absorption renders the suit lightweight and quick to dry. Meanwhile, Xtra-Life Lycra fabric ensures enduring shape retention and comfort, while the back panels feature revolutionary X tech fabric, boasting breathability and 360-degree stretch.

Strategically engineered panels and higher denier fabric in the leg area provide balanced compression, aiding muscle support, improving blood circulation, and reducing lactic acid build-up for enhanced endurance. Airflo technology optimizes temperature control by facilitating moisture evaporation, ensuring comfort in varying conditions. The skin-friendly fabric with an eyelet pattern accelerates drying post-swim. A tri-lite pad offers unparalleled fit and comfort, minimizing water absorption and providing essential cushioning during cycling.

Leg grippers distribute pressure evenly, ensuring comfort surpassing traditional silicone grippers, while elastic technology and binding offer a snug yet non-restrictive fit around the arms and legs. Flat-locked seams maximize durability and minimize skin irritation. A semi-lock zipper enhances ventilation during cycling or running, with soft fabric covering to mitigate discomfort. Furthermore, the suit incorporates dual pockets on each side for convenient access to nutrition or essentials.