Mens Lava Long Distance Aero Trisuit

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By Zone3

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Crafted with premium Italian and French materials, the Lava Long Distance Tri Suit is designed to repel water, optimize aerodynamics, and enhance comfort, ensuring all-around performance across all three disciplines.

Every aspect of the Zone 3 Lava Long Distance Tri Suit is meticulously developed to prioritize speed. The suit's main material, Aero-Stripe, sourced from Italy, is strategically placed on the raglan sleeves and upper back to improve aerodynamics. This UPF-50 textured material creates turbulence, reducing drag and enhancing race times. Additionally, the innovative Aeroforce Soft-Touch fabric from France, located on the main front and upper back, further improves aerodynamics while offering breathability. Its Nano water-repellent coating reduces drag resistance, improving swim times and keeping you dry and warm. The integrated leg grippers, featuring premium Italian design with natural gold fibers, provide comfort and ensure a secure fit without extra seams, enhancing mobility and breathability.

Each fabric is carefully positioned to enhance performance, comfort, and endurance. Balanced compression in the legs improves muscle support and blood flow, reducing lactic acid buildup and enhancing endurance. The Iron Performance pad, designed by Cytech, offers supreme breathability and quick-drying capabilities, with high-density foam providing padding and protection. Heat bonded sleeves reduce drag, while the comfort fit design ensures comfort and streamlined performance throughout the race. Heat bonding and flat-locked stitching provide additional comfort and eliminate irritation from rubbing and chafing.

Completing the tri suit are nutrition storage pockets with heat-bonded covers for easy access to gels during the bike or run. With its innovative design and advanced features, the Lava Long Distance Tri Suit offers unparalleled performance and comfort for triathlon racing.

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