Predator Pro - Women's

By Zoggs

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Panel Structure / Thickness
Predator Pro FS is designed for triathletes who want excellent buoyancy to create a hydrodynamic position. Predator Pro FS combines high-level buoyancy with high-level flexibility and core compression to increase your speed and efficiency in the water.

YAMAMOTO 39 neoprene is used in 5 different thicknesses, ranging from 1.5mm to 4mm, for a very flexible fit that is both tight and comfortable. 2mm neoprene around the arms and shoulders is employed to provide unrestricted movement for maximum stroke efficiency and performance.

4MM AERODOME panels, also in YAMAMOTO 39, are strategically placed on the upper frontal part and quads to provide extra buoyancy, keeping your body high in the water to increase your speed.

CORE COMPRESSION provides a tight and supported fit around your core and hips to provide stability and reduce fatigue during your swim.

QUICK TRANSITION CUFFS feature to allow fast removal of the wetsuit in transition.

CUSTOMISABLE CUFF LENGTH is featured in this wetsuit which allows you to customise the legs and arms of your wetsuit to your desired cuff length. This is thanks to an easy 'do it yourself' system, made possible by our tear-resistant material. Use our guide below on how to customise your cuffs.