Vanquish X Wetsuit - Men's

By Zone3

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Panel Structure / Thickness
The new Vanquish-X takes performance to a completely new level.
Highly regarded as one of the best triathlon wetsuits in the world, the key technical features of the Vanquish have not
However, the 2022 version includes revolutionary Bio-Rubber materials on the thighs to improve blood flow and Alpha Titanium lining on the upper body to improve warmth and circulation.

This wetsuit is designed for triathletes looking to get the most out of their performance and was designed to keep you feeling fresh before getting on the bike.

Key Technical Features 

  • GLOBAL EXCLUSIVE AGREEMENT with Yamamoto Corporation for use of Bio-Rubber material.
  • NEW ALPHA TITANIUM LINING on the upper body to improve circulation and warmth as well as SILK X to aid smoother transitions.
  • X-10 EXTREME SHOULDER PANEL design with new #40 SCS 1mm SCS nano.
  • B.R.E BODY ROTATION ENHANCEMENT on the chest to improve distance per stroke.
  • MAXIMUM BUOYANCY with Aerodome and NBR panels.
  • BRS MARK 0.3MM SCS on the sleeve for an ultra-lightweight arm rotation.
  • COOL-SPOT FOREARM PANELS for improved feel and catch in the water.
  • UPDATES TO THE COLLAR and leg design to improve the fitting.

  • Bio-Rubber is a cutting-edge material which collects energy from the atmosphere and re-emits this energy for absorption into the body.
  • The infrared ray emitting material is formed from a synthetic rubber made in a honeycomb structure sandwiched between a technical woven thread to create a tri-lamination structure.
  • This use of light energy warms all the way through the legs and muscles and changes the way we feel warmth through technology.
  • The material is proven to increase the blood flow by opening the capillaries, whicreduces lactic acid and fatigue build up in the legs so they have more power available as soon as you exit the water.

  • A unique material which consists of a five-layer structure, neoprene rubber coated with Titanium Alloy and then laminated with synthetic fibre jerseys.
  • The Titanium Alloy is an extremely thin film which provides effective heat retaining properties.
  • In fact, a double lined material with Titanium Alloy will be 40% warmer than regular neoprene.